JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. I will choose the driver to install. Only the 3-point calibration can be stored on the Touch monitor; The enhanced, point calibration cannot be stored on the Touch monitor. For example, you can have three touch-screen connected in any of the following ways:. The drivers allow operation of the touch-screen over either USB or serial port.

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After the driver is installed, an “Elo Touchscreen” icon will appear in the Windows Control Panel and in the list of installed programs on the computer.

Hide arrow mouse pointer turns off the standard mouse cursor.

EloTouch Solution | Support | Driver Download

Mouse Button Emulation Mode. Screen calibration will start. That is covered later in the user manual. The right click delay allows the user to perform other touch screen operations normally.

Touch functionality can be disabled from the previously mentioned Advanced window. Eo Screen configuration buttons will be displayed in this case. If you are using multiple monitors the alignment program will run on each individual monitor. When the Setup Complete screen appears, you may choose to run calibration the Elo Video Alignment program, EloVa immediately controllee wait until later. Click Next to complete the installation of the driver files.


Wait for the autorun menu to appear. Wait for the system to copy and install the drivers.

Elo TouchSystems: Acoustic Pulse Recognition (APR)

Selections or changes to the settings in this tab will be applied when the “Apply” button is clicked. Control Panel Elo Mouse Properties. But you can connect more than one touch-screen and each separate one can be either USB controlleer serial.

Beep monitor speaker on touch. System reboot may be required in order to get the pre-calibrated monitors to work correctly. The driver files will install and Installation complete screen will appear.

A Properties page will be created for each touchscreen controller installed by EloSetup and for each serial port reserved for a controller, even if that controller is not present.

When Video Alignment is selected, the following 2 screens will appear. The only differences are as follows:.

Elo TouchSystems Driver User Manual

The right click delay allows the users to perform other touchscreen controlled normally. Three target calibration points are used. Unusual multiple monitor combinations may create an expanded Windows desktop that is not recognized by the default video resolutions built into the EloVA program.

Click on Finish to complete and close the installer.

Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. Clicking on the Advanced button will launch the Advanced Features window. Single monitor, Serial controller Run the self-extracting zip file to unzip the installation files and initiate the EloSetup installer.


Interested in Solutions from Elo? The EloSetup program for this driver may be run as an attended or unattended program from a command line, batch file, etc. The COM port you selected will be shown in the window of this screen. The Sound tab sends a single-frequency tone or “Beep” to the system speaker each time that a valid touch occurs.

The Use Default Calibration button allows you to reset the calibration back to the original driver default mode.

Click Yes to indicate that you have read and accept the license agreement terms. If you choose not to run this program now, you can run it from the Elo Control Rlo application.

If there are more than one touchmonitors connected then other monitors will also appear in the Control Panel as Properties 1, Properties 2, etc.