Maybe if I can find the time at some point I will create a running example. Reporting regression results is not as simple, but we are jumping right into a fairly complicated example Table 4. Not allowed as names are “b”, “V”, or “sample”. Perhaps you did not load the booktabs package? Inside the parentheses you’ll put a list of characters paired with the numeric threshold beneath which they will be applied to a coefficient. Might it be possible in tex? You just need to use the refcat command, as in my example.

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So hopefully ihstall post is helpful for aspiring applied econometricians who want to automate output reporting from Stata into LaTeX. It does not compile and this is what it gives me Latex Error: But I could not figure out a way to get him to print the mean, sd, and obs in different colums, since cells would put it into to same cell and I just get one column.

At some point I will hopefully have the time to write a new up-to-date guide. If you don’t want the number to appear, use the nonumber option.

I am trying to produce results tables for Latex either with margins or with margins on a separate page. What am I doing wrong?


ESTAT-PROGRAMMING-GUIDE-A | EnergyStatâ„¢ Installation Manual (Legacy)

However, e b still contains the coefficients, and by default that is what esttab will display. If you have some long column labels you might have to insert a manual line break to prevent the column from becoming to wide. I am a total beginner with stata and I am trying to put a prehead in the center. The esttab command runs manuzlly for you and handles many of the details estout requires, allowing you to create the most common tables relatively easily. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

If you could send this log file to me by e-mail, I can have a look into it and try to find out whether we can provide a fix for the problem. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

estout – Making regression tables in Stata

Welcome to the forum. Also, esttab can handle Stata factor variables i. Are you sure you specified the correct number of columns in the table? If you can email me an minimum working example I might be able to help you sooner.

Support Document

For the line break in the column titles, is it possible to automatically add the titles within estout? However, when replicating your example, I get the following error after the estat ectest command: For example something like: I need a code suitable for.


I am trying to do exactly what you do.

My code is below. Your setup is one of the best I have come across. As the code only refers to the mean I was wondering how you included the percentages in the first part of Table2?


Description The estout package provides tools for making regression tables in Stata. Not so difficult after all!

I have not been able to find an answer for this anywhere so I guess not. Maybe a quick background, I am writing my thesis about taxi drivers and there stopping behaviour.

The beta option replaces them with standardized beta coefficients. It appears to be a Mac-specific issue about locating files. However, the fragment corresponding to this in Latex is: What I want is generate a table to latex with those three scalars pval-imp, pval-org, pval-conf.

Perhaps you did not load the booktabs package? Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.